Countersink is a critical external measurement of the double seam.


Countersink is important since it is the exact area where the chuck holds on to the end during the double seam formation. If it is incorrect, critical defects such as deadheads and false seams will occur.

How to measure Countersink?


  • Countersink is typically measured at 3 point, at least, using a mechanical gauge, prior to the sectioning of the seam.
  • In some cases, an optical measurement of the countersink is in order. This is in cases where there is sufficient resolution in the optical unit and it is set to view the entire seam, including the Countersink. If this is something you need, please inform the manufacturer of the double seam inspection system SEAMetal & SEAMscan that this is the configuration that you need.

If countersink is incorrect, first ensure that the ends are correct and that the seaming chuck is not damaged.