Deadheads (Skidders)

Dead head (also called skidders or incomplete seams) are caused by slipping of the end/lid inside the chuck during the formation of the double seam.2nd-op-chuck-and-roll

The chuck is designed to maintain a strong hold over the lid as the 1st and 2nd operation rolls form the double seam. When “skidders” or “deadheads” occur, the results are bumps and areas where the seam is incomplete, which can cause the seam to leak.

How to detect Deadheads?



The best way to detect deadheads and incomplete seams is using a non-destructive 360 scan of thickness and length of the double seam using a SEAM360 system. The top graph is Seam Thickness, the bottom graph is Seam Length

Incomplete Seam2

Possible reasons for Deadhead / Skidder / Incomplete Seam: