Non-destructive seam inspection

There are quite a few costs and implications of destructive sample testing, including recycling and carbon footprint. These have made the quest for non-destructive methods for testing double seams in high demand.

What are the ways to do non-destructive seam inspection?

  • 360 degree scan of the seam using an optical system such as SEAM360.
  • The Auto-XTS fully-automated, on-line or stand-alone measurement system that provides non-destructive, complete double seam inspection for beverage fillers and metal cans.
  • A proactive approach of ensuring that the seamer is always set up combined with a dramatic reduction of destructive sample testing.
  • An X-ray solution for double seaming.

Tools such as SEAM360 provide incredible insight on how the seam can be seen and analyzed in a non-destructive manner. The occasional sectioning of the seam is still required (for FDA/USDA requirements) but are dramatically reduced while.


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