2nd operation setup

The second operation roll should be set up using a clearance gauge.

clearance-angelus 60L-2

The steps to set up a 2nd operation seaming roll:

  • The seamer should be jogged or manually rotated into position so that the desired head is in the 2nd operation position. This is the position where the seamer is in the middle of closing the second operation seam.
  • The clearance gauge is inserted into the chuck until an image of the roll and chuck are obtained
  • Ensure that the bearings are not damaged (By pushing and pulling on the roll while looking at the live image)
  • Ensure that the roll and chuck are intact and undamaged
  • Unlock the roll and adjust until it is in the correct position (height and thickness)
  • Lock the roll in place,
  • Record the measurement value
  • Move on to the next head

Proper setup should take around 2-3 minutes per head at the most