Computerized Double Seam Measurement

Computerized (destructive) double seam measurements have been around since the 1990s. The first company to produce an automatic double seam inspection system was “Indel” (now Quality By Vision) that introduced the original SEAMetal X DOS software in 1993 METPACK exhibition.

measure - inches

Modern double seam inspection systems, e.g., the recently announced SEAMetal 6 for Windows 10, are extremely flexible and advanced. They are able to record data, as well as predict trends and identify root causes of issues.


Costs of automatic double seam inspection have finally made them available to everyone, including smaller beverage and craft breweries that can now install these systems easily as well as integrate them

Modern systems such as SEAMetal 6 must be able to be flexible around how the customer has decided to measure their seams – in what order is everything measured, who is allowed to modify what, report customization, SPC (Six Sigma) and correct operator mistakes without compromises. See here for all our SEAMetal & SEAMscan machines and software.

Our CMC-KUHNKE SEAM Scan XTS works in conjunction with the highly powerful seam software we provide. It’s a powerful double seam inspection tool that will accurately measure the double seam of any round can in a non-destructive fashion. The SEAM Scan is a stand-alone measurement system. And the accurate gauge performs fast cross-sectional measurements and 360° tightness scans that reduce your labor costs.